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Concrete Lifting and Repair

If you are looking for a company to provide concrete lifting and repair services in Little Rock, Arkansas then look no further. Our team of experts at Foundation Repair & Concrete will be able to help with any concrete lifting or repair project that you may have. We offer the best rates on concrete repairs and we always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
The foundation repair specialists at Concrete Lifting and Repair in Little Rock, AR are dedicated to providing the best quality services available. We specialize in concrete lifting, repairing, or replacing your house’s foundation. Email us today for a free estimate!
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Way to fix foundation problems

The foundation is the base of any building. It’s what keeps everything up and it’s also what can cause major structural issues. The most common problems are cracks in the walls, shifting floors, doors that don’t close right, windows that stick to frames. Foundation Repair Little Rock AR services can help fix these issues by pouring new concrete or repairing old concrete with a proper epoxy injection at the cracks.
Foundation Repair Little Rock AR services help keep sidewalks safe for people walking around and have proper drainage in place to prevent any puddles that might form in the future so you don’t have to worry about any water problems. If your square or round structure is having any trouble with the foundation, call Foundation Repair Little Rock AR right away for a free estimate on what we can do to fix it.

Expert Concrete Lifting and Repair Services

In Little Rock, AR, there are a number of concrete lifting and repair services. One such company is Foundation Repair Little Rock AR. We have been providing concrete repairs for many years in the Arkansas area. Our experts are some of the best in concrete repair, concrete leveling, concrete raising, and concrete lifting. We are professionals at dealing with any type of slab-related issue you might have on your property.
Foundation repair, or concrete lifting and repair services in Little Rock AR, is a specialty that requires the expertise of experienced professionals. A foundation issue can affect your home’s structural integrity. Just one small crack can grow with time if left untreated. If you suspect you have an issue with your foundation, contact us today!

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The foundation of your home is the essential part. It’s what keeps it up, and stable provides a sturdy base for its structure, and supports much of the weight on top. If you notice cracks in the walls or flooring that emanate from an area around your basement or crawl space, then chances are you have a foundation issue.
If the cracks are extensive, it’s time to call our Little Rock AR Foundation Repair professionals. Not only will they assess your home for any potential issues but also offer an estimate of costs and timeframe in which repairs can be completed. Once we find out the extent of the damage, we’ll go over all your options and help you find a solution that best fits your needs. We understand that foundation issues can be disruptive and costly. That’s why our Little Rock AR Foundation Repair experts will work towards a timely resolution and always do what we need to get the job done right.





We are experienced in basement waterproofing, slab leaks, crack repairs, and repairing foundations that need leveling or underpinning. If you would like a free estimate on any of these services, please fill out the form. We are experienced in basement waterproofing, slab leaks, crack repairs, and repairing foundations that need leveling or underpinning. If you would like a free estimate on any of these services, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly.

The foundation is the essential part of a house. The foundation supports the entire building, making it difficult for anything else to be out of place. In addition, an unstable and unhealthy foundation can lead to all sorts of other problems, such as pest infestation or mold growth. Foundation Repair Little Rock AR homeowners should contact a qualified and experienced foundation repair professional to get the best results.


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